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Model RR734 Keypad with One Button Auto-Dial 
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This Dual Purpose Phone includes a keypad for manual dialing and One Emergency Auto-Dial. An important feature of the Dual Purpose phone is that the Emergency button overrides any other call in progress - Emergency call takes precedence. If line busy or no answer, phone can dial up to three numbers. The MPBP (Micro Processor Based Phone), is designed to meet the needs of changing times and increasing requirements. Ramtel specializes in Custom Silk Screening individualized to your needs.

This phone model can include up to five auto-dial buttons.

The Dual Purpose Hands Free Phone is designed for indoor or outdoor use. 

Phone can be installed in a surface or flush mounted enclosure,wall unit or free standing unit.

Custom Silk Screening information can include name, logo and any instructions for the use of the Emergency button.

Because of the many requests we get to display phones at the various trade shows, you now have the opportunity to include your custom panel on our Custom Silk Screening Web page.

Telephone Features



   EEPROM Non Volatile Memory

   Password protected remote programmable

   Custom Silk-Screened Phone Panel

   Louver Design, Anodized Aluminum Panel (3/16" Thick)

   PIEZO Switches  (2" Palm Button Option)

   Weatherproofed speaker and microphone

   Tamper resistant screws and special tool

   Weather Resistant  - Vandal Resistant

   Low Voltage Heater Option

   Conformal Coated Electronics

   Surge and Grounding Protection

   Condensation Protection

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   Auto-Redial of Additional Numbers, If line busy or no answer.   
   Emergency Override on Call in Progress.   
   Emergency Call in Progress Cannot be terminated.
   Auto-Answer feature allows for call back and monitoring of area.
   Voice and location identification signal.
   ADA Compliant:
      a)  "Red" indicator light automatically activated when any button on Ramtel phone is
            pressed, and changes to "Green" when call is answered.
      b)  Braille Plaque includes International Phone Symbol.
   Phone Diagnostics include: Emergency and Manual Button, LED, Microphone & Speaker
      (Use with computer software system Reliance 2003.
   Disconnect Functions:
      a)  Automatic Shut-Off
      b)  Remote Shut-Off
      c)  Adjustable Time Out Functions
   Emergency button external output control. (i.e. Blinking or Flashing Strobe)
   Six miscellaneous External Output Control capability.
      (Activated by keypad and Controlled by called party, i.e. release door/gate, turn on
      and control a top mounted surveillance camera).

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Applications: Walkways, Parking Lots and Garages, Escort Service or Assistance, School Playgrounds and Athletic Fields, ATM Machines, Police Call Phones, Hospitals, Information Centers, Elevators.

Ramtel phones service: Universities & Colleges, Schools, Police Departments, Banks, Hospitals, Business Complexes, Industrial Developments, Shopping Centers, Public Areas.

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