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Blue Lights & Strobes.....
Choose a Blinking Blue Light or Flashing Strobe to be wall mounted or installed on top of
a stanchion. 
Blinking Blue Light
Model BL-1A is a Constant ON Blue Light controlled by a built-in daylight sensor. Push Emergency button on Ramtel phone, light will blink. The length of blinking time is adjustable in one minute increments, from
1 to 255 minutes.
Strobe Lights
Constant ON Light / Strobe is available with or without a clear dome. Unit may be surface mounted or installed on Stanchions.

The Flashing Strobe is activated when Emergency button on Ramtel phone is pressed and stops flashing when call is completed. The constant ON light shines brightly and is visible 360 degrees.

BL-1A LS-5


The light fixture is attached to a water tight aluminum enclosure which houses the electronics.


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Blinking Blue Light
Electrical Connection:
            120 VAC AC at 1 amp. with
            100 Watt Lamp.

Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Size:     7"W x 4.625"D x 15"H

Lighting Fixture:
   Non Metallic, vapor tight incandescent
   UV resistant, gray glass filled
     thermoplastic polyester.
   Heat Resistant Glass Globe withstands
     thermal shock in wet locations and has
     thread type mounting to assure weather
     tight sealing.
   UL1571 (Incandescent Fixture and
      Fixture Fittings)

Lights can be surface mounted or installed on stanchions.

Also available as Constant ON or Sensor Controlled.

Contact Ramtel for additional information.

Constant ON Blue Lights
Enclosure Mount - Pt 800-1002

Sensor Controlled
Enclosures Mount - Pt 800-1020

Strobe Lights
LS-9 includes the clear dome and can be top mounted with Pt. 500-1287 Wall Bracket.

LS-5 Strobe (no clear dome cover) can be
mounted up or down with Pt. 500-1287 Wall Bracket.

LS-6 Strobe (with clear dome cover) mounts down only.

Fresnel Lens is available in other colors
Contact Ramtel

Electrical Connection:
           120 VAC at 1/2 amp

Weight: 4 lbs. with dome
            2-1/2 lbs. without dome

Size:     8-5/8"W x 6-7/8"H  with dome
            7"W x 6-1/2"H without dome

Wall Bracket - Part 500-1287

The weatherproof design of the Wall Bracket is installed so Strobe Light hangs down. This provides better lighting and visibility.

The bracket is fabricated in Aluminum and is powder coated in neutral gray.

Electrical box is provided

Weight (Light and Bracket)
           5.5 lbs. with Dome
           4.0 lbs. without Dome


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