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PLC-8  Non Rusting Stainless Steel Column
11" Square with Radius Corners 

For the best quality and long term investment, there is no comparison to a Non Rusting Stainless Steel Column.  If unit is scratched or if there is any condensation build up within the unit, THERE IS NO RUSTING.

The Square design of this unit fits into both traditional and contemporary surroundings.

Column includes three lights:
    Sodium Vapor Blue Light - High intensity 50 Watt
            lamp illuminates area.  Automatically turns ON 
            at dusk and OFF at dawn).

            LEXAN Fresnel lens is placed over an aviation blue
            glass globe for better heat dissipation and color.

    Strobe Light - One million candle power.  Housed in a
             blue Fresnel LEXAN Polycarbonate lens which is
             located under the sodium vapor light.  Strobe
             flashes when Emergency call button is pressed
             and stops flashing when called party hangs up.
             Flashing brings attention to area.

    Phone Panel Light - 5 Watt Fluorescent.  Makes phone
             visible for easier use.

The Engineering Design cannot be compared.

    Placement of area light is inverted (hangs
    down) and is vented to eliminate
    condensation and prevent heat build-up.  

    Blue aviation glass globe is placed under
     Fresnel Lens for color and heat dissipation.

    Top cap provides easy access to lighting and
     prevents water from entering.

    Shatter resistant LEXAN polycarbonate lens protects

                    blue lights.

    Panel on back of unit provides access to

                    electronics and wiring.

    The phone area of column is sectioned off with two

                    built-in plates (top and bottom) This area

                    is lined with condensation insulation

                    material to further protect electronics of


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Options:   Built in heater,   Cellular package,   Covert camera
               Top mount Surveillance Camera enclosure

General Specifications of PLC-8 Column
Non Rusting, Non Magnetic Stainless Steel - .125" Thick
Dimensions:    9 ft. High  -  11" Square
Phone is recessed 2", Top cover vented,
Pre-wired and assembled
Vandal resistant and weatherproof
Graffiti resistant
Lettering 4 sides column.
Weight:  175 pounds
Mounting:   (4)   5/8" x 16"  "J" bolts

Units are pre-wired in separate conduit for telephone line and 120 Volts AC power
Operating Voltage Option:   24 Volts AC to 440 Volts AC.

Finish:   Powder coated

Standard Colors:

Midnight Blue,  Architect Brown, 
Forest Green, Safety Red, Black,
Safety Yellow,  White

Custom colors available. 

Optional Finish:

Natural Stainless - glass beaded finish


Graphics Wording:  

Emergency, Courtesy,  Assistance,
Custom - call for information

Graphics Colors: 

White,  Blue,  Black,
Custom - call for information

Phones purchased separately are interchangeable in Columns, Wall Units, and Enclosures.
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