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Cellular is recommended when a phone line is not readily available.  We suggest a test of area using your personal cellular phone.  If reception is good then the cellular unit we provide with an antenna, would be better.

A molded fiberglass Polyester Enclosure is provided if cellular transceiver is not installed in a wall unit or column.

Cellular Transceiver   
    Motorola Series IV – EE3 “Data Ready”
    3 Watt – AMPS compatible
    832 channels
    Handset programmable
    Frequency:  824 –893 MHZ                               
Power Supply   
    90 to 264 VAC, 47 TO 63 Hz
    Terminal Field Connectors
    DC Output: 15VDC
    Load Max. 4.0A
    Switching Frequency: 50KHz
    Over-voltage Protection: Crowbar,V1only 
    Over-current Protection: Short circuit,  
      All outputs, auto restart  
    External 12 VDC input
    Optional 11-54 VDC range input                       
Environmental Operating Range   
    -22F (-30C) to 140F (60C)
    Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)              
Molded Fiberglass Polyester Enclosure (if required)   
    Suitable for outdoor installation
    Standard J1C size
    NEMA 4 type, UL, DSA, IEC approved
    Dimensions: 10.5"H x 9.25"W x 6.5"D
    External mounting feet
    Internal Antenna Option                                          
Dial Tone Interface   
     RJ11C connection
     Loop current: 30 mA
     Dial Tone frequency: 350 Hz and 440 Hz
     Open circuit voltage: -30 V
     Ringer Equivalence: 3.0
     Line Voltage: -48 VAC
     Terminal Connection: RJ11 Jack
Internal Battery Back-Up   
     Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable
     4 hours standby (at 25c)
     30 min talk-time
     4.5 AMP hrs.
     24 hour charge time
Current Drain   
     Max standby: .24 AMP
     Max Off Hook: 1.8 AMPS




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