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About the Company.....

Ramtel Corporation was started in 1983, and is the manufacturer of Security Communications Products.

It all started with the divestiture of the phone company and a combined effort between Ramtel and a local University. The standard receiver phones were easily destroyed and the repair costs were getting out of hand; more importantly there was an increasing focus on safety and security.

What better way to resolve a vandalism problem than to eliminate the receiver, thus the introduction of the Hands Free Security Telephone.

The full line of Security Telephones are given careful attention beginning with the inspection of incoming parts continuing through every phase of the manufacturing process. Numerous in-house quality assurance testing is performed at various stages of production to assure customer satisfaction.

Continuing in the direction of offering security assistance, Ramtel's "Reliance 2003" computer software/hardware system was designed and developed.  This system provides Detailed Reporting of Phone Calls, Logging of Incoming Calls, Telephone History & Summary, Polling and Diagnostics of phones.

Ramtel also manufactures Columns and Wall Units, designed to esthetically fit in with Traditional and Contemporary/ Modern Surroundings.  The Engineering, Design and Fabrication of our Columns and Wall units cannot be compared.

Ramtel's reputation has been built on providing quality products, reliable service and by having an interest in our customers needs.  

When you have a need for security telephones, you invest time in Research and make comparisons. Ultimately you expect a product that meets your specific requirement for your application, works with your phone system, and in weather conditions of your particular geographic location.

Your relationship with your supplier goes beyond the purchase; the bottom line is to believe in the company you are working with.  As the manufacturer and by working directly with our customers, Ramtel is that company.

 Ramtel is proud to be a company that manufactures products in the USA

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